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Primary Surgery is a three part textbook first published by Maurice King together with numerous experts in 1990. The work comprises the volumes Non-Trauma, Trauma and Anaesthesia. It was created to supply doctors with basic surgical knowledge to cope with all surgical symptoms, even far away from referral centers.

Since 15 years it has become an essential guide for doctors working under limited conditions in third world countries. By means of clear illustrations it demonstrates examination and treating procedures step-by-step.

Primary Surgery online is an ongoing project to update and expand the content of Primary Surgery and to make it available for everybody according to the principals of  open access publishing. It is  supported by the DTC.

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Vol. 1, Non–Trauma Preview of Chapters 17–19 (last update: 05. May 2008)

Vol. 2, Trauma (last update: 02. May 2008)

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